Evolution of the Magazine

Here is just a quick visual diagram of how I’ve taken elements of an article and used it to create my double-page spread but in an original way. Using it as a template simply allowed me to get everything into a layout where it would look like a magazine article allowing me to work within it to create my own unique article. Evolution of the magazine articleOverall I thought this was a very good way of achieving the look of a real magazine and has result in what I feel is quite a successful looking article.

– Jay



Designing the Magazine

Today I set about designing and creating my poster…1973566_10202306275672541_156166953_o

Using this article as my starting point for my magazine I came up with this draft of how to layout my magazine making sure to take account for the size and measurements of the areas.

Magazine Plan

I really wanted an interview with my main actor similar to this…


So I got in contact with Graham on Facebook to get an interview and he was happy to agree. Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 22.47.06

And here is the final interview in the article…

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 21.15.17

Next up…

The Font.

futuraA big problem I found was finding which font to use until I found this article on it which informed me that Helvetica, Trajan, Garamond, Futura, Bodoni, Bickham Script Pro & Frutiger were popular fonts for magazines and graphic design in general. I decided I liked the look of Futura the most so I used that for my titles.

However I still needed to find out a good font to use for the bulk of the text and what sizes they should be, thats when I found this forum

One responder put up this very handy response which I used as the basis for my magazine.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 20.57.33

Using this guideline really helped me get the professional look to my magazine article that I was after.

So anyway here is a video on the full process of making the poster sped up 10,000 times!

And here is the article…

Magazine Review

I’m really happy with the way its turned out and I think its been very successful in emulating a real magazine article!

– Jay


Looking at Magazines and Writing Our Article.

1801052_10202370012425920_545961318_n (1)

Today Courtney and myself looked through a number of magazines to get an idea of what to include.

I looked at Total Film’s review of ‘The Raid‘ for inspiration on the styling of articles…


The findings…

  •  Only one or two pictures – which includes the main actors in the film.


  • Simple colour scheme – Red, White, Black & Grey



  • Highlighted ‘talking points’ – [I’d like to do something similar to break up the article]


  • A ‘interest curve’


  • Star Rating and Tagline including information on release date


  • Interesting bits of text repeated much larger and bolded to draw attention to key points in the article.


Overall I think on the style front I shall be including the style points of the following: Only one or two pictures, a simple colour scheme, a star rating, a talking point/feature of some kind and the quoted text

Courtney also found out what is included within the actual writing of the article.

Writing the Article…

Courtney looked at this article by Empire Magazine on ‘Trance‘ to get some ideas.


10002731_10202370012265916_1140164991_n (1)

Here is what Courtney found and she followed this to write the article for the film. Which you will be able to read soon!

– Jay


Magazine Research


Today I looked at a double page spread review of Zero Dark Thirty by Empire Magazine in order to see what I needed to include in my article. Here is what I found:

Magazine analyse

Finding all this out will be useful to the formatting and layout of my magazine.

– Jay


Choosing the Poster

Before I chose Poster Idea #3 as the final poster for my film I wanted to make sure people agreed with me, so I took to Facebook to ask people opinions.

I did this by posting an album of the posters on Facebook and asking people to ‘like’ the one they liked the most and also commenting why they like it if they have time, as you can see below…

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 21.02.45

Here are the results I received…

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 21.03.04

The first poster idea received 4 likes suggesting it was moderately popular and that it appealed to some.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 21.03.23 Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 21.03.59

This poster idea only received 2 likes suggesting it was not as popular as the other two, despite Justin’s comment of liking ‘the colour scheme and the “loose talk cost lives”‘ I feel this poster was not as successful as the other two and thus should be discounted.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 21.03.39Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 21.03.48

Poster 3 received 23 out of the 29 votes giving it a landslide victory and consolidated my opinion of which poster I should use for my film. Furthermore the comments below it also agreed with what I previously thought and really made me make my final decision

Overall doing this task has shown me that using social media to get peoples view is very handy. This has given me the confidence to say that Poster #3 is my firm choice for the one I will submit due to 23 other people agreeing with me.

– Jay


Sound Design of ‘The French Leaves’

I recently watched this video on sound design by Simon Norman which made me realise the importance of sound design, particularly in repairing dialogue or adding in foley.

As you can see from my rough cut the sound at the moment is unmixed and unedited therefore as I haven’t yet finished my sound design for my film I shall work to make sure the levels of the dialogue are all the same and that I have a background track to make the sound and shots flow a lot better – as he demonstrates in the tutorial.

Before watching this video I didn’t realise the importance in having layers to the sound in order to a achieve a professional feel to the film. I’ve also learnt that bad sound is much more noticeable than bad camera work and it takes an audience out of the experience of a film much more if something is distractingly wrong with the sound design.

I’m going to be using the perfectly named site SoundJay as it provides free sound effects which I can use to build up the sound scape of my film to make it a more immersive experience for my audience.

– Jay


Poster Idea #3

IMG_1050It was a lovely evening so I decided to do some photography for my 3rd poster idea (which I had been putting off after the disappointing outcome of my last one), the result of which you can see below – most of it resembles a GCSE Photography project but I did manage to get one or two usable shots haha!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here are the shots I decided would work for my idea of the poster:


I thought this picture of the leaf would be good for the main focus of the poster as I really wanted a dead or dying autumn leaf to represent the mood, title & feel of my film ‘The French Leaves’


I ending up using this photo to provide a background texture to the poster – I shot it over exposed so it wouldn’t be too distracting. In photoshop I further increased the exposure so it was almost completely white apart from a few twigs and leaves which are slightly visible and just add to the general atmosphere of the poster.


I also used a number of stills and shots that I got on set to provide some more depth and excitement to the  background

This was my very crude sketch of what I wanted the poster to look like which I used as my starting point when constructing my poster in photoshop:



1. I got my picture of the leaf into photoshop and isolated it from the background using the ‘background removal tool’ and edited it to make it slightly more saturated and contrasted.

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 18.06.172. I then added the background which used the photo I had aforementioned and then used the ‘Brush’ tool to create a shadow around the leaf and a slight vignette around the sides just to make the leaf stand out further from the background

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 19.38.47

3. I then added in the photos of the actors but made them black and white, increased the exposure and lowered the opacity to achieve the faded effect and so they didn’t draw attention away from the leaf/title

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 19.39.19

4. I then added the title itself using the ‘American Typewriter font’ which I have used for all the films titling to keep consistency. I also added a drop shadow to the title to make it stand out further from the leafs patterning.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 19.39.42

5. Finally I added in the cast, crew and film information which I have previously spoken about in this blog.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 19.39.58

I make it sound so easy haha! But yer, that was my poster finished and here it is!


I’m really pleased with it and certainly prefer it to my other idea despite it not being in the WW2 style I wanted. I think it fits the psychological/drama genre of the film much better than my previous attempt. I can’t really think of any negatives for it as it was just how I envisioned it so I think unless I can come up with anything better this looks like the one!

– Jay