Looking at Magazines and Writing Our Article.

1801052_10202370012425920_545961318_n (1)

Today Courtney and myself looked through a number of magazines to get an idea of what to include.

I looked at Total Film’s review of ‘The Raid‘ for inspiration on the styling of articles…


The findings…

  •  Only one or two pictures – which includes the main actors in the film.


  • Simple colour scheme – Red, White, Black & Grey



  • Highlighted ‘talking points’ – [I’d like to do something similar to break up the article]


  • A ‘interest curve’


  • Star Rating and Tagline including information on release date


  • Interesting bits of text repeated much larger and bolded to draw attention to key points in the article.


Overall I think on the style front I shall be including the style points of the following: Only one or two pictures, a simple colour scheme, a star rating, a talking point/feature of some kind and the quoted text

Courtney also found out what is included within the actual writing of the article.

Writing the Article…

Courtney looked at this article by Empire Magazine on ‘Trance‘ to get some ideas.


10002731_10202370012265916_1140164991_n (1)

Here is what Courtney found and she followed this to write the article for the film. Which you will be able to read soon!

– Jay



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