Sound Design of ‘The French Leaves’

I recently watched this video on sound design by Simon Norman which made me realise the importance of sound design, particularly in repairing dialogue or adding in foley.

As you can see from my rough cut the sound at the moment is unmixed and unedited therefore as I haven’t yet finished my sound design for my film I shall work to make sure the levels of the dialogue are all the same and that I have a background track to make the sound and shots flow a lot better – as he demonstrates in the tutorial.

Before watching this video I didn’t realise the importance in having layers to the sound in order to a achieve a professional feel to the film. I’ve also learnt that bad sound is much more noticeable than bad camera work and it takes an audience out of the experience of a film much more if something is distractingly wrong with the sound design.

I’m going to be using the perfectly named site SoundJay as it provides free sound effects which I can use to build up the sound scape of my film to make it a more immersive experience for my audience.

– Jay



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