Evolution of Our Storyboard

In order for our storyboard to become the 3D picture it must go through a number of evolutions as you can see below:


And then number 4, the film itself.

1) Is the script where we initially have the idea

2) Is the terrible drawn storyboard that Courtney and I made to get a rough idea of how our film was going to be shot

3) Is a 3D and clearer version of what we drew using a program called FrameForge. Watch how I do it here.

4) And for is of course what we filmed on the day using the storyboard/script to guide us.

Its very nice to have a clear image of how we want the film to look as it allows us to be focused and efficient on the day of the shoot so we don’t waste our actors time trying out shots that we don’t know are going to work.

– Jay



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