Rescheduling!!! :(

So I’m sat here on the day we were meant to be filming the memorial scene and unfortunately we won’t be filming due to Courtney being taken ill.


Although a set back, having left ourselves plenty of time in between shoots as mentioned in this blog has made it really easy to rearrange with the actors to film on the 15th December instead.

This will mean we have less time to edit though.

But we still have plenty of time after Christmas for that, as we only had planned on getting the filming done before Christmas. So hopefully the re-arranged shoot goes ahead and we can remain on schedule.

Re-Schedule Filming

– Jay



The Shoot

  • Went ahead as scheduled yesterday (15th nov)
  • Text messages of planning to meet
  • Location
  • Directing/Organizing
  • Problems/How we fixed them
  • Make up
  • Timings
  • Delegation of roles
  • Checklist


Here are the storyboards I shall be using to help film my short, using FrameForge was very helpful in getting a clear vision in what we want to shoot on the day.


Scene 1 – Storyboard



Scene 2 – Storyboard



Scene 3 – Storyboard



Scene 4 – Storyboard



Scene 5 – Storyboard

scene 5


Scene 6 – Storyboard

Memorial Storyboard

And thats our storyboard for the film!

– Jay


Calendar of our Film

After organising the actors and locations, I thought it would be necessary to devise a schedule of when things are happening so we can plan and make sure everything is done before Christmas (our goal).

Film Scedule

This will help Courtney and I keep on top of everything, we have also planned in such a way so there is space in between the shoots [Ringed in red] where we can edit the scenes and (but hopefully not) reschedule or reshoot if need be.

– Jay


Organising Locations

For the locations we needed three places; a doctors office, Herbert’s house & a war memorial.

The War memorial was easy to find as we have a large and perfect park/memorial in a village near by to us which will be great to film at!


As I knew it would be very hard to use an actual doctors office, as we didn’t know any doctors well enough, we came to the conclusion we were going to have to flex our set designing muscles and make one.

We got in touch with a local school which has a medical room which would have been perfect to shoot in as it was all set up just right and looked like a doctors office. However two issues arouse, one being red tape & health and safety and the second being that the room was simply too small to fit all ourselves, the actors and the gear in. Therefore we came to a solution, the school was very kind and let us take some of the medical equipment such as the screen and the bed and put them in another office type room which was much bigger and didn’t have such red tape around it. This worked really well and as you can see looked very convincing.


The room before we redecorated!


The room before we redecorated!

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I also collected a number of healthcare posters from my school & the local hospital to really give it the finishing touches and on the day I shall bring a laptop for Sarah to have on her desk to complete the set ready for filming the following weekend.

The final place to arrange would be Hebert’s house, we needed a period property which would suit Herbert and immediately I thought of my good friend Chris’s house as it contains a lot of war memorabilia  and is a very traditional style house. So I got in contact with Chris and quickly arranged a date when we could film.

location 2 edit

location edit

So with all the locations sorted and dates arranged to film at I’m very confident we shall get it all filmed before Christmas! Happy, Happy, Happy!

– Jay


Make Up / Costume Test!

After reading the script our  main actor, Graham, asked if we could test out the make up before it came to the shoot to make sure it was going to work.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 19.01.17

We thought this was a good idea too so we decided to do it on the thursday evening at The Red Lion Theatre where Graham performs. It was a nice place to do it as we could use their dressing rooms and was just a natural place to try it out, so with all that sorted we met a 4pm at the theatre and got to work.

Courtney and I were pretty confident we could ‘convince’ Graham as we had done some considerable research together to find out how to make Graham look 80 years old instead of middle aged. However I must confess I honestly knew nothing about makeup before this experience so I put a lot of faith into Courtney’s ability and knowledge of makeup and it definitely paid off!

By working in tandem I researched what 80 year old people actually looked like and found the key features of what made them look that age and then Courtney would find out how to get that effect using make up. This was both efficient and utilised both our ‘talents’ (No my talent is not staring at old people haha). Here was what we found out:

By finding this all out before hand it put at a great advantage when it came to the real thing and meant Courtney could confidently apply the make up to Graham knowing that it would be successful, as you can see here:


However a test wouldn’t be a test without its issues, we found that his cheeks were not rosy enough and that we wanted him more pale. However Courtney said that this could be resolved by getting some ivory toned powder and some lipstick on the cheeks to make them redder. We also have some white hair spray on order to make Graham look even older and really sell the look. So once we have those minor bits sorted we should be all good to go for the shoot!



Organising Actors

Firstly I needed an actor to play Arthur, I already had in mind a local actor for the role called Graham. He is the partner of Peter who starred in my other short film Bystander.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 16.57.03

I sent the script over to Graham and he agreed to star in the film.


Graham in costume for his appearance in Downton Abbey (2012)

I know Graham should be good for the role as he has appeared in such TV shows as Downton Abbey in minor roles.



Graham is also part of a local theatre group so he was very resourceful suggesting an actor to play Sarah.

This actor was Sian, who quickly got it touch and made it very clear that she was keen to play the role.

sian convo

So that was it I was it my actors were all arranged! Easy Peasy.

– Jay