‘Bystander’ – The Big Day!

So the big day arrived; Sunday 23rd June, 10:30am. I sat patiently in my car, which was loaded with gear and 1000s of copies of the script & storyboard, and awaited my cast and crews arrival. After a last minute heart attack after I though I’d forgotten the crucial green apples, I remembered Ocean was in charge of that! So we were all good to go by 10:40am the principle cast and all the crew had arrived and after a little chat to the local CO-OP we were able to start film the final shot of the short the now infamous – ‘CO-OP Shot’. After a nervous start I soon got to grips with directing the big amount of people there as I had invited over 10 extras, 3 cast members & 3 crew members and managed to quickly and efficiently get the shots we needed. This was partly helped by the detailed script and storyboard that we had prepared before hand. It was important to be quick as we were right in the center of town with 2 people covered in fake blood so it was crucial to not keep them looking like idiots for too long. I’m very proud that I managed to effectively direct everyone and get the shots I needed in under 2 hours. It was very refreshing not having to touch the camera due to my large crew (compared to what I’m used too) and concentrate on getting the shots correct and getting actors to perform at their best rather than the cameras settings. 

Crew Photo

The principle cast and crew for the shoot 🙂

– Jay



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