‘Bystander’ – The Road to the Laftas begins!


We have been tasked to produce a short filmincorporating a ‘Wheelbarrow’. However the stakes are high as we shall be entering it into a local film contest, The Laftas! So after much thought and writers block my group and I finally managed to come up with this basic idea and outline of what the plot shall be:

Murderer pushes a body through town on a wheelbarrow, no body pays attention to it.

Going down the high street, people walk past don’t pay attention

Body of arm scraps across some railings, makes a high pitch noise. Reaction of killer > natural, normal

Goes up curb , body nearly falls out

Goes past bus stop people just watch him go past

Pulls up outside shop, gets the money out victims pocket, goes into shop, comes back out and has bought some apples & puts them on the body like a shopping cart walks out of shot.


It may seem a bit quirky and weird on paper but I’m hoping the understated and subtle nature of the disturbing plot will make it really stand out. We shall see!

I’ve already inquired about actors and have already got my main cast sorted so that’s good, but most importantly I have a wheel barrow haha!

– Jay



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